Forum guidelines

The Siegert expert office enables registered members to communicate with other participants in the ITEG forum at The forum is used for exchanging information and experiences all around the Independent Tree Expert Group, the TSE computer program and the topic of “tree statics”.

Just like in other rounds of discussion it is a place where the most different opinions are bound to clash. This is why we expect the communication among the members to be fair and with mutual respect. For this purpose we have compiled these forum rules which apply to all members and which you automatically agree to when registering as a user.

Each participant of the forum is responsible for his/her own statements. We are not obliged to verify the legitimacy of the statements. However, we carry out random checks and reserve the right to delete questionable contents.

If you feel that your rights are being infringed by third-party statements, please contact the host resp. the administrator.

User name:
The ITEG forum was developed as a specialist forum for a restricted group of participants. The large part of members already knows each other from special events. We appreciate open, fair communication and would like to ask our members to use their real names. Nevertheless, you are free to use a pseudonym; it is however not allowed to participate with several pseudonyms. Furthermore, the pseudonym may not contain the name of other persons/brands/institutions, it should neither be illegal, offend third parties nor infringe their rights.

Correct registration data:
Within the framework of their registration the forum participants submit to state correct information. It is not permitted to pose as another person.

Code of conduct for posting in the forum:
The forum atmosphere should be polite and factual. If you do not agree with a certain opinion, please express it in a respectful way.

Posts infringing applicable law are not permitted in the forum. Insulting or defamatory offenses against third parties are not allowed, neither are swearing, vulgar, obscene, sexist, racist or other offensive statements.
Third-party rights may not be infringed.

Furthermore, the following rules shall apply:

Placing of advertisement by intentional mentioning of products, service providers or websites in the forum is prohibited (exception: advertisement of registered ITEG partners). Links to third-party websites do not represent approval of their contents by the Siegert expert office. It is not allowed to place links that initiate downloading of programmes, other contents or viruses, or to interfere with the forum in any other way. Linking to websites that infringe third-party rights or distribute illegal contents is also prohibited.

Commercial use/registered ITEG partners:
You may only use the forum for commercial purposes if you have registered as an ITEG partner with the Siegert expert office beforehand. This includes offering products and services for purchase and advertising external websites in the forum.

Sanction measures/exclusion:
We do not tolerate infringement of the forum guidelines. We reserve the right to delete posts if we consider them being inappropriate resp. if they are in breach of the guidelines. Furthermore, we may react by deleting all posts resp. by excluding the respective person from the forum, depending on the severity of the infringement. We also reserve the right to forward connection data to prosecution authorities in the case of criminal infringement.

Use of personal data:
In our forum software we use cookies (small files that are saved on your computer) for collecting configuration data (for example about the discussions you have started). When you are logged in, a cookie will register your user name and your pseudonym if you are using one. Your IP address will be saved when you create posts in the forum. If you wish to reject the use of cookies, you must deactivate them in your browser settings. Please note that for technical reasons you can only create posts if your computer accepts cookies. However, you can automatically delete the cookies after leaving the forum by logging out. For your next visit, simply enter your access data anew.

Protecting your personal data is very important to us. Personal data will not be forwarded to third parties unless we are obliged to disclose this data due to an official or judicial order, or if you have given your explicit consent. In the case of certain offers you will be able to order further advertising material. If your data has to be sent to our advertising partners this will be clearly identified and you will be requested to confirm. You can withdraw this consent at any time by email to

Your master data is added to the mutual customer database of the “Die Nürnberger” group of companies (Nürnberger Baumpflege GmbH, Freetree GmbH, Nürnberger Schule, SV Büro Siegert) under the supervision of Bodo Siegert. By agreeing to the forum guidelines you are also consenting to be informed about the latest offers and services by “Die Nürnberger”. This consent may be withdrawn at any time by email to

If individual guidelines become ineffective in part or in full, the residual regulations shall remain unaffected. By registering with the ITEG forum you agree to these guidelines.

We reserve the right to change or amend the content of these guidelines.

As at: 01/2011