Elementi del prodotto e vantaggi

Performance features

Assessment of the maximum wind load

Calculation for safety against fracture

Stability calculation

Simulation calculation

Qualifications and user training

Technical requirements for use

User support


Calculation accuracy

Since TSE is a mere calculation programme, the result is highly dependable on the determined input parameters and measured values from the sensors. Any inaccuracies will be carried forth in the calculations. Consequently it is indispensable to follow clearly defined and determined procedures

Combination with other procedures and methods

TSE provides an informative supplement for common visual and technical processes for calculation of stability and safety against fracture of trees in the sense of a holistic and integrative tree safety examination, which is the paramount goal of ITEG. As a general rule, verification of the results through a second independently operating measuring method (e.g. sound tomograph, drilling resistance measuring) is useful and reasonable.