Istruzione 1 – Principi

When using the TSE calculation program the measured data from the tensile test (tilting angle, edge fibre strain, edge fibre compression and tensile load) are calculated proportionally to the estimated wind load, resulting in safety statements. In order to estimate the wind load a calculation program is required to determine top sail surface and wind load gravity centre.

It is based on the Stuttgarter Festigkeitskatalog [study on dynamic measurements of green wood] and the generalized tilting angle curve developed by Wessolly. Fundamental basics, equations, data catalogues and procedures are described in the book “Handbuch der Baumstatik und Baumkontrolle“ (L. Wessolly, M. Erb, Patzer Verlag 1998) used as the basis for tensile testing.
Required sensor technology and measuring equipment can be provided by Rinntech.

Online use of the calculation program is available to registered users only and currently only is intended to give interested users a feeling for the tensile testing’s function by means of independently entering the data.
For the time being, TSE therefore is not suited to carrying out independent assessments of stability and safety against fracture for “real life applications“. Using the program in any manner therefore is done at your own risk on principle.