Experts and practitioners who want to use TSE for creation of reports on stability and safety against fracture of trees must have successfully completed the seminar series “Tree Statics Test Expert” by the Independent Tree Expert Group (ITEG).


Within the scope of this series of seminars, ITEG places a special focus on so-named mentoring. The idea behind this catch phrase is that experts-to-be are given the opportunity to accompany experienced practitioners during their examinations to gain considerable practical experience and deepen their knowledge through practice. Moreover, the ITEG offers practical exercises during thorough examination of trees during which participants receive detailed insight in specific examination situations.

A membership of the expert community ITEG, among other benefits, provides the opportunity for experts to follow all current developments in the field of tree statics and to include any such information in their work as tree statics expert. Annual congresses on the topics of “Integrative Baumstatik” (integrated tree statics) are provided for knowledge transfer and exchange. In addition, ITEG also offers a platform for clarification and solution of general and specific tree statics issues on an international level, also via field tests. Via the ITEG forum, users of TSE and ITEG members will contribute to further developments in the field of tree statics through evaluation of common examination data and through the immediate contact to manufacturers.

Prerequisites for participation:

Appropriate professional qualification as graduated agronomist for tree care or European Tree Technician or a university degree in a relevant field of expertise. Moreover, proof of practical experience in the field of tree care and tree control over several years is required.