What is ITEG?

The Independent Tree Expert Group is an association of tree statics experts who pursue an integrated, holistic approach when conducting tree safety tests.

Instead of employing just one single examination method to evaluate tree safety, the Independent Tree Expert Group uses a combination of visual and technical methods. Often, unilateral examination methods leave open questions. In contrast, the employment of complementary methods allows for a comprehensive tree situation analysis.

The Independent Tree Expert Group provides tree professionals with qualified training courses to specialise as tree safety test experts. The courses target qualified practitioners who will learn how to conduct tree examinations with state-of-the-art analysis methods, in a standardised approach. Having passed their exams, they will be able to independently deduce precise expert statements on tree safety. Additionally, the Independent Tree Expert Group provides an internet platform for tree statics professionals to improve the flow of information and transfer of knowledge between experts on an international level.

For tree owners, cities, municipalities and companies specialised in tree care without specific know-how in tree statics, experts of Independent Tree Expert Group provide well-founded expert opinions on tree safety. Due to standardised proceedings and the holistic tree safety test approach, ITEG expert opinion analyse tree situations thoroughly and comprehensively.